Friday, 31 March 2017

Practicing for EQAO

In language we are working on reading small stories from previous EQAO years, after we read them we then answer the questions that are connected to the story sometimes we use a cool app called plickers. So far we have completed 5 stories then answered the questions. My classmates and I are getting better at these reading comprehensions, for a lot of the questions you really really have to think about them, it is a lot  fun to work on.

In math we split up into 6 different groups to work on math stations, some of these math stations have questions from EQAO. So far he have done stations on Fractions, decimals, percent, place value, patterning, graphs, measurement and a bunch of other fun topics. We just finished reviewing ratio, ratio is really simple. For all the topics we work on in math we also use our interactive notebooks. These notebooks are study sheets for EQAO and help me understand the topic more.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Class update

 In class we are working on opinion writing, I am writing about some hockey coaches who only choose players to come on their team because their parents are very good friends or a good goalie coach. I strongly believe hockey coaches like that should not be chosen to pick players. 
Image result for hockey coach clipart

At St.Bernard we have set up our very own snowflake sale. The snowflake sale has items that can be purchased for 50 cents to $5.00, these items are all donated from grade 6 students as well as school staff members. The snowflake sale will be held tomorrow in the gym.

Image result for snowflake clipart

Friday, 25 November 2016

My math pattern

This is a increasing and a decreasing pattern that I made with my friend Aaliyah. This pattern starts at 3 decreases by 1, increases by 3 then decreases by 1 and so on. The blue pegs on this pattern represent the growing part of the pattern and the red pegs of this pattern represent the decreasing part of the pattern. This pattern was made using (build with chrome)

                     Here is the link to build with chrome

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Digital citizenship :D :)

My digital citizenship video is important because It explains Michelle Obooma's learning experience about not trusting who is behind the screen, Michelle trusted a man who she thought was the same age as her and she thought that they had a lot in common. So NEVER EVER trust who is behind the screen with your personal information like address, phone number full name and other similar things.   

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Grade 5 experince

This grade 5  year has been challenging, fun and interesting. In grade 5 I was introduced to new experiences through out this year that I will never forget because these  experiences  have also taught me and helped me to be a better person for grade 6. Some advice I would share is always be prepared for consequences of your actions, never talk back to teachers during lessons. Grade 5 helps to prepare you for the fantastic role of being in grade 6. For example never try to whisper to your friend beside you or you will cause problems for the entire class. Many students think younger kids only look up to grade 6's but trust me Grade 5 helps in kinder garden classrooms all the time. The star goal when you enter grade 5 is be the true leader you really are.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Creating tangram isosceles

Today in class we are creating isosceles triangles using tangrams.
We had to find as many different isosceles triangles as we could.
Here are a few isosceles triangles I made.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I was sound asleep hugging my pet dog waiting for Saint Nick to arrive when all of a sudden I needed a drink of milk. So I carefully walked  down the creaky wooden stairs  into the kitchen  when all of a sudden I heard a noise  with a thump, down the chimney he came. I walked into the living  room and I saw a big red  butt   hanging out of my chimney so I grabbed a stick just in case. As I approached the chimney I realized that whoever is in my chimney is wearing a red suit. Then I took a long shot and yelled SANTA. A few seconds later the man in the red suit said hello help me I have many more presents to deliver and not much time untill sunrise.